October 27, 2013

Japanese Women Want to Experience Nature

My son and I went to an apple picking picnic as an outdoor activity for his Japanese class.

We drove for 30 minutes from downtown Baltimore and saw peaceful farm landscapes all around us. Since I had lived in central Tokyo, seeing the countryside is a great experience for me.

If your Japanese girlfriend says, “I enjoy a relaxing lifestyle,” you and she may feel happy to live here together. However, most Japanese women may feel a culture shock upon arriving in the US since living in Japan is extremely developed, super convenient with buildings and stores everywhere, and most people live in cities in Japan.

As a matchmaker, I always tell our female members not to expect the same lifestyle that they have now in Tokyo. I tell them to be openminded about their new upcoming life in America and to be ready to create a new sense of value.

If Japanese women have flexibility and can enjoy the differences between the American lifestyle and the Japanese lifestyle, their life is going to be abundant.

If your Japanese girlfriend has not yet experienced wild nature which urban cities don’t have, it would be nice for you and her to explore the outdoors together.

My son and I enjoyed a wonderful Fall day at the apple farm in rural Maryland where we felt the warm sunshine and saw the pastoral scenes.

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