March 15, 2003

GOEN - “Soul Mate” in Japanese

Does the expression “Soul Mate” refer only to the relationship between a Man and Woman in your country ?In Japan, we have a similar expression, “EN” or “GO-EN”. The prefix “GO” is added to represent a more formal or respectful form of the expression “EN”. The expression “GO-EN” is used by Japanese people as an inspiration for good fortune. Japanese people believe that “GO-EN” has deep meaning for one self's entire life. For example, “GO-EN” will enable you to meet new good friends, business partners, neighbors, and suitable life partners. It will lead you to nice restaurants, interesting books, favorite music and fun clothes. “GO-EN” will provide you success. Those people with “GO-EN” whom you meet will bring you luck and good fortune. With “GO-EN” you can chose whichever path you feel is best and you will no doubt find happiness. All the result of “GO-EN”.Good people will enjoy good relationships. And a good relationship will evolve into a better and better relationship over time. In Japan, we believe that good personal and romantic relationships are the result of “GO-EN” – a belief that two people meet and develop a strong, loving relationship because they have shared “GO-EN” from the past and into the future – it is everlasting.There are people as abundant as stars on earth, but you can meet only a few in your life time. So the very "special" meeting of a "Soul Mate" is a result of "Go-EN". Your visit to our website, Meet Japan Lady, I believe is because of "GO-EN".So, I can not help appreciating you with "GO-EN".In Japan, “GO-EN” between a Man and Woman is especially known as “The Destiny of the Red Thread”. The red thread binds both the Man and Woman's little fingers since they were born."GO-EN" GA A RI MA SU YO U NI ……….(I hope that you find your soul mate!)

Question: Have you ever seen a woman with whom you feel a strong inspiration of “GO-EN”?

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