July 11, 2007

OMIAI Meeting

So far this July has been very busy!
We have two OMIAI meetings this weekend.

OMIAI meeting is the first time that a man and woman meet in person with someone else in attendance. This is the traditional Japanese way to find a life partner.

In our service, the meeting is usually held in our Tokyo office with Mr. Miyata.
Mr. Miyata is one of the most interesting men I have ever met. He has traveled to more than 80 countries since he was 19 years old. He has a lot of friends all over the world. In addition, Miyata’s partner (she doesn’t want anyone to call her Miyata’s wife) is from France. Also, he started a marriage introduction service for Japanese men and Russian women about 10 years ago.
Miyata has experienced many different cultures, so, if you have any questions about interracial marriage, he is the person to ask! He can advise both women and men but he specializes in men’s topics.

I am so excited about the moment of the OMIAI Meeting, although I can not usually attend since I live in the US. Sometimes, I join the meeting through skype.

The meetings this weekend include a gentleman from Ohio and a gentleman from California visiting their prospective wives at our Tokyo office.

The man from Ohio has traveled to Japan several times, so I think he will have an easy time.

The man from California is not familiar with city of Tokyo.
So, I gave him some hotel information, subway map, and so on. This info will help him find his way in the large city of Tokyo.
(Note I am going to add Tokyo Travel Information pages on our website to guide men in Tokyo.)

Another gentleman from Seattle is also visiting his fiancé this weekend.
They went through an unusually short courtship period of just 3 months.I discussed with him about the prenuptial agreement since it is not very common in Japan. I am going to write about it on my blog later.
And a gentleman from Chicago is coming in July to join his fiancé at their wedding party.They will do a Japanese style wedding in a shrine in Tokyo.
She said she will give us a report of how the ceremony goes, so I will write about it in my blog later!

These successful couples met through our website with much assistance and encouragement from me. They cultivated their relationships for 6 months to 2 years.
On average couples meet and get married within 1 to 2 years..

Some men tell me that our membership of 2 years is a little too long.
But I believe that 2 years is a reasonable timeframe to meet your life partner because creating a meaningful relationship is not like a sprint race but more like a slow and deliberate marathon race.

Anyway, I am happy and busy in July.

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