May 03, 2007

Golden Week 

In Japan, there is a big holiday now called The Golden Week.The Golden Week is a weeklong collection of holidays. Here are the names of Golden Week’s national holidays:

April 29 - Showa Emperor’s Birthday or Greenery Day (Midorino Hi)
May 1 - May Day (It is not a public holiday, but people don’t work on this day.
May 3 - Constitution Memorial Day (Kenpō kinenbi?)
May 4 - People's Day, or Citizen's Day ( Kokumin no kyūjitsu?)
May 5 - Children's Day ( Kodomonohi)Note: When a public holiday lands on a

Sunday, the next day that is not already a holiday becomes a holiday for that year.

It is one of the popular weeks to travel around for workaholic Japanese people as they cannot take holidays that often. So it is a good chance for male members to meet our female members either in Tokyo or in the US.

One of our male members in Seattle wrote me an email.The woman he is corresponding with is visiting him during this holiday.He sounds so excited.I called him, and I talked with him and her.I was pleased so much because they both sounded happy being together.

Our membership lasts two years.

Is this too short or too long?

It depends on how much effort you put into corresponding with one of our female members.Some of our members, both men and women, are passive, and they have just been waiting for somebody’s contact.

What I want you to do is talk more with Naoko.
Your asking me questions helps me to improve our service. 
And I can only help you when you are seriously looking for someone.

This gentleman in Seattle registered for our membership in the middle of January. He started corresponding with one of our female members from our website soon thereafter. Then she visited him already at the end of April.

Is this too quick?

I encourage people who have a strong desire to be married to become a member. Because if both men and women are serious, the matchmaking goes smoothly.

Don’t wait too long.
Take action NOW!
Ask Naoko!

The next big holiday in Japan is in the middle of August. Most of our female members are busy with their careers, but they can take their vacations easily during the summer although the travel costs more than usual.

To meet your special Japanese lady this summer, Let's get started now!

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Professional American Men

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