March 20, 2003

A Wedding Party

Miss R, One of our woman member, visited the office today, and talked about her and her fiancée's wedding party. Our talk was enjoyable!I asked about presents for the bride and groom. At Japanese wedding parties, we usually do not give products, but rather money as a gift. It depends, but varies roughly between 200USD to 500USD. It is a Japanese tradition. Is it rational or strange ? After the wedding party, the bride and groom give presents back to the guests, as tokens of appreciation. Sometimes, holding a party or participating in a party is tiring. I don't like this stupid custom.I asked what is the American way? She told that "JUST COMING is fine !" I said " is not polite." Then she showed me the bridal registry at listed their needs for starting their new life. I like this American way. The gift should be one that both the giving side and the receiving side feel happy about.

What is the most heartwarming present you could receive at the wedding party?

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