March 01, 2003

MICHI -the way - DO(dou) in Japanese-TAO in Chinese

I received a message from a man displaying interest in our service. He expressed a strong attraction to Japanese culture. When he was young, he learned IKEBANA KA-DO (flower arranging) and KARATE-DO. I am pleased, because he tried our culture. Cultural exchange is a good method of communication. I hope KAIWA members develop an interest in Japanese culture. I really enjoy learning your culture from you! He talked about finding his soul mate and how he does not believe in destiny. He believes nothing is written, people can “write” their own “destiny.” This is different from Japanese thought. Sometimes, we Japanese tend to believe in something invisible like miracles. They are definitely not in the dictionary. I accept his opinion, but I like the Japanese way of thinking. I explained to him that the cultures he learned are related. DO(dou) is the method you are using. In China, they say it is TAO. TAOISM is another method of doing. We can learn it through SA-DO (the way of tea), KA-DO, JU-DO, KEN-DO, AIKI-DO… In SA-DO, we don’t just make delicious tea, in KA-DO we don’t just arrange beautiful flowers, and those martial arts are not for killing people, but for disciplining yourself. In learning these arts, you can't see but you can feel your improvement. It may seem very spiritual, but it is very oriental. Looking for a soul mate on the Internet is also one of those unscientific, uncertain things.Anyway, DO(TAO) also taught me to accept differences. So I don't mind if you think differently.

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