February 27, 2003

Ta Ma No Ki Shi

I got an interesting message, from one of our members, that I want to share with everyone. What is your opinion ?
Romantic Reality TelevisionRecently, in the USA, so-called "Reality" television has become popular. A couple years ago we had "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?" This resulted in a phony man and woman marrying, only to divorce a few days later. Last night, the television show: "Joe Millionaire" came to a (near) conclusion. In this show, twenty beautiful women are flown to a French castle to meet Evan, who they are told just inherited fifty million US dollars. The truth is Evan is not rich and earns 2,250,000 JY per year, as a construction worker. After many dates, all the time pretending to be rich, he chooses one "lucky" woman. He then tells her he is not rich and was lying all the time. He begs her to stay with him, anyway. Well. she does and the television network gives the two of them one million US dollars. How strange! >>> In America, women who look for a man, just for his money, are known as "Gold Diggers." Is there a word for these women, in Japan?The next big reality television show will be "Married By America." In this show, people have potential mates screened by relationship experts, family and friends, while America watches. Eventually there will be only two choices, and at this point the television viewers decide whom the person marries. It should be interesting. Silly, perhaps, but interesting.
Yes, we have that word "Tama No Koshi". TAMA means "the great fortune", and KOSHI is a kind of vehicle. In the Japanese HEIAN period (more than 1000 years ago), the brides were carried at the marriage ceremony by a gorgeously embellished KOSHI, So, it is called "Tama No Koshi Ni Noru" or "Getting on the great vehicle." It is like the man picks up the woman in a Ferrari. Throughout history and in all countries, every woman dreams of becoming a Princess, a Cinderella, a Pretty Woman. But this TV program tells us it's more than that. If the relationship with your soul mate is based on shared values, rather than money, life is wonderful, isn't it?

Question: What conditions are most necessary for getting married?

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