February 14, 2003

GIRI-CHOCO ( Obligatory Loveless Chocolate )

If the Japanese lady, in the next cubicle, gives you Valentine's chocolate, it may not mean she's enamored with you. We Japanese can't help giving gifts at every opportunity. The formality of giving is more important than the gift itself. If the recipient's gift is less than spectacular, that is what will be expected in the future. If no gift is given, then the relationship is permanently over. So, gift giving customs are forever lasting so as not to break the harmony. That's the Japanese way! Furthermore, most Japanese don't know who St. Valentine is. Anyway, I wish all men have a wonderful Valentines day with your steady girlfriends.

Question: Because 60% of Japanese men don't like sweets, we have, instead of chocolates, heart-shaped rice crackers ( O-SENBEI )at the Valentines shops. Do you prefer chocolates?

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