February 06, 2003

Single Life Without Interference

I shared the story about "Independence" last time, now I will tell you about dependency in Japan. My friend Naomi is a single, 39 year old career woman living with her parents. Of course she pays her parents room and board, but she can afford to travel abroad several times a year, to eat out whenever she wants, and to buy anything she likes. She seems to enjoy her life. These women are plentiful, in Japan, and are known as the Louis Vuitton type.
Not only single women but also single men, and even married couples live with their parents. They save money and they do this at their parents suggestion. What a mutual interdependence !I have been living apart from my parents for 10 years. My mother still asks me "Why don't we live together? When will you move home?" Lately she has gotten into the habit of asking: "Do you have a boy friend ? Why don't you introduce him to me if you have a boyfriend ? When will you marry ? You should marry soon or you will become to old to have babies. Shall I help to look for a soul mate for you ?" I say "Thank you mom, but I don't need your help. Please, let's not discuss this anymore. "I am a little bit disgusted. I live alone because I want to escape from this intrusive prying.
I know an old widowed woman in France. She told her daughter to get out of her house when the daughter was 20 years old. She never puts her nose into anybody else's business, and nobody gets into hers. Now she is 80 years old, she lives alone, but she still sometimes travels abroad, she eats when she is hungry, she sleeps when she is sleepy. I am truly envious because she seems natural and free.

Question: Would you agree to live with your parents, or those of your wife-to-be? Is this a good way to save money ?

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