October 15, 2013

Online Dating, Do I Choose Quantity or Quality?

Many people who get used to using online dating services probably think meeting someone online is easy. They might think if they lose interest in one person after chatting or a short communication, it is easy to seek someone new. Many people believe the saying of “Even a poor shot will hit the mark (eventually) if he tries often enough.” However, can a person really find someone special by meeting many people?

There is a Japanese traditional saying “Ichi Go Ichi E”. Here is the link: http://bit.ly/XKUY9 . “Ichi Go Ichi E” is Zen Word which means, “Value the person you meet in this moment, for he or she is certainly intended for you”.

As a matchmaker, I always tell our members to take the time to see your match deeply. Find out his or her inner beauty. Think about why you chose her, or why you are chosen by her. Think about “Ichi Go Ichi E”. Meeting someone on this planet at this moment is an amazing opportunity and is a miracle since you and she were selected to be a couple from the billions of people on the planet.

I definitely want all of our members to think more about Quality instead of Quantity. When you focus on creating a Quality Life with someone special, you will achieve your goal of a happy marriage.

All of our members who got happily married were following the “Ichi Go Ichi E” method. 

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