November 02, 2013

How to Best Prepare for Her Visit to Your Home

Long time ago, one of our female members visited the man whom she was corresponding with in the US and stay there for three weeks to make sure if she felt comfortable living there.

Since he has a job, she was supposed to be in his house alone until he came back. However, there was no internet access. He went to Starbucks when he needed to go online. There was no car for her, she had no friends there. She was like a bird in a cage for more than two weeks. She completed reading the books she brought with her from Japan. She had nothing to do for most of the day and was there alone. Finally, she gave up staying there and went back to Tokyo. Needless to say, she and he broke up after that. I do not want to blame him, but there must have been a better way for him to welcome her to the US and show her that he really wanted her to stay with him and that he really wanted to marry her.

Before she visits you, it would be nice to prepare for her to make her feel welcome and happy. The best way to do this is to at least provide the following things for her:

1)    Fast Internet access.

2)    Area map with your location and how to use the public transportation to the downtown.

3)    Local information about shops, libraries, cafés, and restaurants.

4)    Information about Japanese community if there is any Japanese community near your town.

5)    Locations of rental car companies or Zipcar. She can drive if she has an international driver’s license.

The purpose of her visiting you is to for her to see if she feels comfortable staying with you. If you pass this test, then your relationship will move on to the next stage. So it is most important for you to prepare to make her happy.

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