February 02, 2013

Living in a Gun Society – A Message from One of MJL's Members.

Last week
I wrote about “Living in a Gun Society” in my blog, and we received a message from one of our male members. With his permission, we would like to share his response on my blog. Please keep in mind that this is one person’s opinion and there are many other viewpoints in the US. Still, “Living in a Gun Society” is “Living in a Whole New World” for Japanese women. We at MJL are neutral on this issue and are merely trying to inform our members about this issue. If guns are important to you, we highly recommend that you and your future wife talk about this topic before starting a committed relationship.

Hi Naoko,
I read your post:
Some parts of this are true.  Guns are legal and widely owned in America.  About half the households in America have guns.  Anyone who is a business owner (like me) in the US probably owns and carries a gun.

A few things are not right in your post though:
We all know about the tragic news in the US of the innocent people killed by a person with many guns...  Many children die every year from accidental gun shootings.
That's not true.  90% of people shot in the US are not innocent.  Most are gang members shot by other gang members.  There are very few accidents or murders committed professional white or Asian people in the US.  Most of the children who die in accidental shootings are living with poor drug addicts or gang members who also have guns.
Many successful, professional men and women here get a permit and carry a gun as normally as you carry a cellphone.
And she felt scared to live with a man with guns. I would feel the same way.
Whether her husband owns a gun or not, she's going to live in a country where criminals own guns.  She should be more scared of these criminals than of her husband.
This happened yesterday:
Can you imagine that?  This is why I own a gun and I want my wife to know how to use a gun too.  The police can't stop crimes like that.  I wish that man had a gun.
Riots near my house, in Los Angeles, in 1992, Koreans use guns to defend themselves:
America is a chaotic place with a lot of poor people and racial tension and heavily armed gangs, and the situation is getting worse, not better.  Gun control is not going to take guns away from those gangs, just like drug laws are not taking drugs away from them.  Parts of America resemble third world countries.  I live in beautiful and safe Beverly Hills, but I can drive half an hour away and I'm in a violent third world country that looks like Mexico or Haiti.
Japan has the lowest crime rate in the world.  America has the highest crime rate in the industrialized world.  Japanese women coming to the US need to adapt to a few things:
1.   They will need to learn how to drive.  Yes, they may have a driver’s license in Japan but they don't know how to drive.  Learning to drive is stressful and takes a few years.
2.   They will be coming to a society that's more violent than Japan, and they will need to be ready for that.  That may include having and carrying guns.
I can't think of my wife being assaulted or raped so I want her to be able to protect herself.  I expect her to be ok with me owning and carrying a gun, and ideally she should get training for herself.
This is definitely something Japanese women should ask about before they come here.  They are coming to a different world.
Could you post my response onto your blog post, to give an American perspective?
E  Los Angeles

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