January 21, 2013

Romance Scammers

Do you know about the phrase “Romance Scammer”?
They sneak around online dating sites pretending to be a person who is looking for a partner. However, their purpose is not to find sincere love, rather they are looking for money and/or sex. They use somebody else’s photos, and their profiles are all fake.
We have many applications from male members all over the world every day. Unfortunately, some of the applicants are detected as romance scammers. We at MJL place a high priority of having high standards for our members in order to provide our members with a top quality experience with the best results, and to keep everyone safe.

In order to protect our clients, we screen each applicant carefully. This is why some people say that MJL's qualifications are too strict or the documents that MJL requires are too personal. However, we believe that screening our male clients by requiring certain documents is the best way to ascertain who the qualified applicants are and who are not since all transactions are done through the internet.

Fortunately, we have never had any major issues with false identities of our members since we started our matchmaking company in 1999. I think it is because of our unique system where we require male members to visit Japan to meet our female clients for their first meeting. Male members have to spend a lot of time and money for one visit. And usually, one of our staff members attends the meeting. For romance scammers, becoming a member of MJL does not make sense for them since the costs and time involved are too high. 

On the other hand, we require all our female members to visit our Tokyo office before signing up for Full Membership. They come to our office in Tokyo even though they may live as far away as Okinawa or Hokkaido and they have an interview with our staff, and sometimes their conversations last for more than 3 hours! Romance scammers would not make this much effort or take this much risk to visit our office and meet with our staff. Up to this time, we have never had a female applicant romance scammer!

We have heard from some of our male clients of how they were victims of international dating and marriage fraud in other Asian countries when using other dating websites or marriage agencies.

If you google “romance scammer”, you will see examples of these scams. 

One important lesson to keep in mind in order to avoid being scammed is to never send someone money if you have never met them in person. Some people may feel that he or she truly knows or trusts someone after corresponding with him or her through the internet over a long period of time, but you will only really know a person when you actually meet him or her in person.

I hope all people who are looking for their ideal partners are careful for their safety.
MJL only welcomes clients who are looking for sincere love and happy marriage!

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