January 12, 2013

Living in a Gun Society

Many of our male members visited our Tokyo office to meet our female members at the end of the year in Dec. to New Year’s Eve. It was our busiest month of all year.

One of our male members talked with Miyata about the gun which he keeps in his house.
He said if he finds a partner, she needs to practice shooting to protect herself.

We all know about the tragic news in the US of the innocent people killed by a person with many guns. Some people say that they need more guns to protect themselves, and other people say that guns need to be controlled.

As you can see, this issue is controversial and it will take time to come to an agreement.

Anyway, as a Japanese native it is hard to imagine that ordinary people in the US can easily own guns. And we have heard from one of our female members who visited her date in the US and he showed her his guns. And she felt scared to live with a man with guns. I would feel the same way.

I am not arguing for or against gun ownership in the US at this time. However, I think that it is necessary for American men to share with their Japanese wives about gun ownership responsibilities and how you feel about guns. Japanese women don’t even know that owning guns is legal in the US.

Perhaps more importantly, all guns in the home should be locked up securely. This is especially important when there are children in the house. Many children die every year from accidental gun shootings.

Your Japanese wife to be should be informed if you have guns, and she should understand your thoughts of having guns. Also wife and husband should talk about possible dangers in daily life and how to protect themselves.

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