November 28, 2012

Special Meeting with Naoko in Tokyo

I visited Japan Nov. 3-19, 2012. Every time I visit Japan, I plan a meeting with our members. At this meeting, about 14 people attended and met with me at a restaurant in Tokyo, and I had a nice time with everyone. Thank you!!!

At this meeting, we were honored to have as special guests:
1) A hot couple who just got married.
2) A former male member (a Canadian man) who is a father of a little girl.
3) One of our female members who will get married in Japan next month.

Additionally, two of our male trial members (American men) who live in Tokyo and Kanagawa and eight full female full members took part in our meeting.

I think that talking and eating while mingling at a meeting at a restaurant like this is in some ways better than a one on one meeting since there is less tension or expectations and more opportunities to see people’s natural personality.

The Canadian man who used to be our member sometimes joins our events since he and his wife live in Japan. His wife didn't attend this time since she was at home with their daughter. It has been more than three years since they got married, and they look so happy with their little one. He shared his wonderful marriage life with our members. Thank you!

He also announced party info which will be held in Canadian embassy in Tokyo next month. Some of our female members who heard this info were excited about attending the party.

Here is some feedback from our special meeting.

-----------------<  From Here >-------------------

Dear Naoko,

Thank you for inviting today!
I enjoyed very much.

Naoko san looked sliter than I imagine, but you are so charming.

It was nice to see other members and had given encouragement.

After the meeting, some of us still enjoy talking at the different cafe.

Anyway, I wanted to say thank you.

(N from Tokyo)
-----------------<  End >-------------------

Thank you N- san!

I am often told that I am short actually.
However I am powerful!!!

Here is another message from one of our male members.

-----------------<  From Here >-------------------
Good morning (Ohayo) Naoko and everyone!

Thank you for a wonderful dinner gathering last night. I had a very, very good time. 

All of the ladies that I met last night were very nice and fascinating people. 

I would like to become a full member so I can contact them.
(D from Kanagawa
-----------------<  End >-------------------

He looked handsome, and all of our female members said that meeting with him in persona was a lot better than seeing his photos in his profile!

Also, by talking with him we all felt his warm and friendly personality.

He works in Japan and we know he has a lot of friends in Japan, so I asked him to introduce his friends to our service after he finds his miss right.

Friendly people connect to one another in a friendly circle, and this is a great way to connect with other nice people. This is the law of attraction.

-----------------<  From Here >-------------------
Dear Naoko san.

Thank you for having me at the meeting yesterday!

I was so inspired your powerful personality.
You really produce happy couple, and it was good to see you and I absorbed your power from you!!!

It was good to spend time with other attendees, And we exchanged information in order to succeed in finding a happy marriage.

I thought that I should not just wait for a Mr. right, and I decided to take more action in order to find my own happiness.

Anyway, I would like to go to the party in Canadian Embassy!!!
(A from Tokyo

-----------------< End >-------------------

Thank you A- san.

Attending the meeting might have been her breakthrough although she was struggling with her correspondence with one of our male members.

During the period in searching for her Mr. Right, meeting with other people instead of corresponding with only one guy can be a good experience to see who is the most suitable for her. She can also reflect back on herself to better know who she is as a person.

A hot couple, a female member who will be married next month, and a Canadian papa, also shared their happiness with our single members, and everyone received their happy aura. I am sure their happiness will come soon because of this learning experience.

By attending our special meetings, members will have opportunities that they did not expect and can change their lives tremendously. It is called serendipity. And people who use their serendipity can make their dreams come true easily.

If you really want to find your life partner, take action, use the skill of serendipity. MJL's next special meeting in Japan takes place during the middle of January. Luna will be a host. We will announce the detail in our blog and newsletter. I expect many people will attend so sign up early before space runs out!!!

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