November 27, 2012

Don’t Use Copy & Paste If You Really Want to Attract A Woman

When you initially send a contact request to our female members, you have to care about your own message.

Some people write a short and simple message, and they copy and paste it and send to as many women as possible.

I am surprised that this is very common.

At first glance, this practice may appear to be a very effective way to contact many women in a short amount of time. However, women are not stupid and they usually can tell if your message was written specifically for them with your own honest words, or if this is just another mass emailing letter. Obviously, when someone receives a mass email letter they will not read it kindly and may not reply since it is obvious that the sender does not really care about her.

“He that shoots oft at last shall hit the mark.”
This saying doesn't exist if you really would like to meet your miss right.

Women who receive your simple and short copy and pasted message can easily tell, “He sent the same message, which I have received, to other women anyway.”

So, if you find a woman whom you would like to start communicating with the best approach is to read her profile with special attention, and write to her with your own words expressing empathy or compassion in her profile.

“The words in your profile were so impressive to me!!!”

Like above, if you give her one special sentence in your first message, she will feel happy since she understands that you have read her profile completely in every detail.

And she will be interested in you and start reading your profile.
“Who is this gentleman?”

And then she and you can start a conversation.

Write to her with your own words taking time to actually think about her. It would be a lot more effective than to just copy and paste.

When your message is personal and meaningful, and speaks to her heart, it will be much more successful.

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