October 27, 2012

The First Thing To Do After She Accepts Your Proposal

After she accepts your proposal, you must think about how she will relocate to your country. And, how will she obtain her visa? What kind of visa will she need? How can you support her financially and emotionally? Moving to a new country is a huge endeavor.

If she needs to relocate to your country, she has to first start obtaining an immigration visa from the immigration office in your country.

Generally, the visa options you need to learn about is as follows in the US.

1. Fiancé Visa
The visa allows you to bring her to your country as a fiancé, and get married in your country. After you are married, then you can start the application for her Permanent Residence Permission (green card) as your wife.

2. Spouse Visa
This option means that you will get married in Japan. Then you apply for the Spouse Visa and her green card at the same time. After she has been approved for the visa and green card, she is allowed to enter your country as your spouse. This process will most likely take longer than obtaining Fiancé Visa.

Many people write articles about how to obtain immigration visas on their websites or blogs, however it is not a good idea for people who are not immigration lawyers to give legal advice.

Also, immigration laws are constantly changing and are quite complicated. Therefore, we highly recommend for you to follow reliable sources, such as the government and immigration lawyers instead of someone’s personal opinions.

Some men try to bring their fiancé to their country without a proper visa. They believe that it will be OK if she comes with no visa (with a visa waiver program), and let her stay in your country and then get married, and start applying for a permanent residence permission. Actually, this method used to be a very easy way to obtain a green card, although it is legally a gray zone. However, times have changed so that in a current day worst case scenario, your fiancé would be denied to enter your country in the immigration office at the airport. And, she would not be able to return for many years, thereby delaying being able to live with your fiancé in your country. MJL certainly does not recommend this idea as an option.

After she accepts your proposal, we highly recommend that she obtains a proper visa in order to enter your country without any issues or delays. It may take about 6 months or so to obtain a fiancé visa, and you and she will have to wait at a separate location. However, it is the correct, fair, and safe way for both you and her.

Here is the official site for immigration visas.

US Citizenship and Immigration Service:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada:

Australian Government Citizenship and Immigration:

Immigration Bureau of Japan:

This is NOT an official government site, but it is helpful, and you can learn a lot about visas.

We, MJL, do not provide any legal advice, but we can share the stories of our member couples' experiences. Also, we can suggest immigration lawyers. Please feel free to ask MJL!

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