August 06, 2012

We Are Engaged and Just Started to Live Together!

Summer is a great chance for everyone to meet in person with your loved one.

Many of our female members visited to meet with their loved ones these last few months and we have received positive feedback after their wonderful journey.

I am happy to hear that some of MJL's hot couples became engaged this summer!

We confirmed that there were 4 new engaged couples last month. Congratulations!

One of our male members in Europe sent us his happy message. We would like to share it with you.

--------------------(From here)--------------------

Hi Naoko,

I hope that you are doing well and that you are enjoying some summer vacation.
We are having a beautiful blue sky - sunny weather in ***** currently.

I wanted to share the greatest and happiest news of the July.
***** moved to Paris.
We are now living together in my place.
I have been able to take a 4-week vacation to help her in discovering ***** and my area.
It is very much exciting.

We are recording our marriage dossier early next week at the city hall.
We are expecting to get a date for the ceremony in early September.

I will keep you posted.
Thank you again for having helped me in writing this beautiful story.

Kind regards.
***** (His name).


When I visited Japan in March to April this year,
he also came to Japan to meet with her at their first meeting in April.

I remember that right before meeting with her,
he visited our office in Tokyo where he and I talked about their relationship.

I gave him lots of encouragement and crossed my fingers!

At that time, nobody knew that he and she would be engaged so soon.
So I am so surprised that that he and she have already started a new life together!

It is amazing how they made a truly loving connection! It was like love at first sight!

I am happy for him and her! Congratulations!

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