August 18, 2012

NEW MJL Service: Premarriage Counseling

One of our NEW unique services we are offering is Premarriage Counseling on Skype.

We have already started this service for our female Full Members on a monthly basis. In premarriage counseling sessions, we talk about the following topics.

1. Getting Started with an International Relationship
2. Relationship Before the First Meeting
3. Relationship After the First Meeting
4. Step Up to a Committed Relationship
5. How to Prepare for Relocation – Visa Preparations
6. Relationship After Marriage
7. How to Maintain a Happy Relationship

All of our counselors are one of our staff members and all of them have experience in international marriage.

Our NEW Premarriage Counseling is unique in that it provides relationship counseling specific for couples who come from different countries. This presents unique relationship issues that are counselors are trained to help you navigate confidently. Typical relationship counselors may not have experience in dealing with international relationships. And, asking your friends or parents does not make sense as they are not trained to deal with International relationship issues.

Talking with our experienced counselors really helps. Many of our female members have given us positive feedback about their experience with our Premarriage Counseling service they received. We are able to solve any issues and give them the tools to creating a committed, positive, happy, and fulfilling relationship with their partner.

We are in the process of setting up our Premarriage Counseling service for all of our Full Members. We expect to have this service available for our male members very soon. In the meantime, if you are a current Full Member of MJL and you are having problems with your partner, we invite you to contact one of our staff for assistance. We can provide you with counseling on a monthly basis.

Please remember, we are here to assist you in finding your true love and happy marriage with a Japanese woman!

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