June 25, 2012

Japanese Women Experiences True Love for First Time

In early June, one of our male clients spent 2 wonderful weeks visiting one of our female clients in Japan. He just returned home to the east coast of the US.

Miyata at our office reported as follows.


Mr. M from Rhode Island just returned to the US.
Miss N gave me a call and said that she had a happy time with him.
She said that she had never ever experienced being treated so wonderfully.
He was so kind and gentle.
She felt his love for her, and she loves him too.

She would like to take time off from work to visit him in the US as soon as possible.

There is a direct flight between Boston and Narita, Japan.
So, she is planning her trip to the US right now.

Miyata@ TokyoOffice
I am happy to hear that they had a wonderful time together in Japan.

The phrase,
“She experienced the most love ever in her life”,
is so impressive to me.

The key to their success is that he visited Japan to meet with only her.
Some men think it’s better to meet with more than one woman. However, from my matchmaking experience, meeting with only one female client works best for bringing their relationship level toward the next stage.

We haven't received his feedback yet, however, we are sure his feedback will be super positive with happy comments!

I am happy for their new found love!

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