June 27, 2012

Congratulations! – Miracle Making is My Mission!

“We had a baby boy!!!”

MJL's staff member, Luna Watanabe send us a text message
from the hospital
on June 17th.

I am happy to hear that her baby and she are fine.


As a mother myself, I feel the miracle of a newborn baby.
It is so precious and so special!

She experienced a caesarian operation which is harmful for women. However, she is supposed to go home this Wednesday even though her body has not completely healed.

Regarding baby births, there is a big difference between the US and Japan.

I remember the experience of my baby’s birth in a US hospital. I was kicked out of the hospital two days after his birth even though I had too much pain to walk. The food at the hospital was not so good. It was a cold pizza and weird colored jello. I didn't have any desire to eat this food since I didn't think the food had any nutrition.

In my opinion, the experience of a baby birth in the US forces Japanese women to be tough. Life in the US is a lot tougher than in Japan. Therefore, I have become a tough woman now.

In Japan, a baby birth is more respectful for women. People around a new mom support her with special assistance before and after her baby’s birth.

In Japan, a new mom can stay in the hospital for at least seven days in order to allow time for her body to heal. In the hospital, she is treated as if she were a VIP client in a 5 star hotel, and she is fed a special meal which is designed to give her more nutrition, such as macrobiotics.

After leaving for home with a baby, usually, she stays in her parents’ house for the next couple of months so that she doesn't have to do housework and her parents support their daughter and take care of their grandchild.

I think childbirth in Japan is a better experience since it is one of life’s biggest events and childbirth is very hard for all women. Men may have a hard time understanding how difficult it is.

FYI, Japanese government provides about $4000 when baby is born, and they pay for each child over $100 per month until a child 10th grade.
 This is a Japanese government’s project for halting the declining birthrate.

Luna was lucky that her mom came to the US a few weeks earlier in order to take care of her daughter's first childbirth. Before then Luna was considering having a baby birth in Japan because of the better hospital service in Japan. I think if she prefers, her husband should accept it and think about how she would feel most comfortable spending her pregnancy, childbirth, and post childbirth time.

Anyway, congratulations!

Luna used to be a member of MJL. Through MJL’s service, she found a nice American husband and they got married. And now they made their dream of having a baby come true!

I feel miracles happening all around me. As a matchmaker, I am proud of assisting in the creation of happy families. I enjoy my life’s work. And I believe that this is one of my missions in life which is given by God.

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