June 24, 2012

Japanese Women are Too Shy to Talk about Sex

Western men should be careful when talking about sex to Japanese women, because of the difference in culture between Japan and western countries.

Most of our female members feel uncomfortable when you start talking about sex with them. Especially, if you have never met her and you write about sex in an email with one of our female members. They feel that it is a kind of a sexual harassment.

I am asked by our female members many times, “What should I do.” They feel scared and pressured because most of our female members believe if they tell him, “I feel uncomfortable” or “Please stop talking like that”, they will be disliked by him. They don’t want to lose him.

As a professional matchmaker, I advise all our male clients that it would be better for them to correspond with our female clients without sexual words if you have never met her.

It creates unnecessary pressure for her. And, you might lose her before you are able to meet with her if she feels uncomfortable from your words.

After you meet with her, and continue corresponding with her, over time you will develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with her, talking about sex will become less of a taboo.

If you are care about your Japanese girlfriend, it would be better to wait for a while until she is ready to talk about sex with you.

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