May 14, 2012

Write Her a Snail Mail Letter to Show You Care About Her


The introduction of the internet supposedly has made our lives easier. However, one downside of instant digital communication is the loss of the art of writing a letter and communicating one’s love for another.

When a woman receives an email a very short text message written in a business like manner, do you think you are building an emotional connection with her? Does this little email make her feel happy? Do you think she can trust you to build up a sincere relationship with her?

Do you remember the era before the internet? People used to write long hand written letters with warm hearts to someone special. It might have taken hours to write a letter. And it might have taken a week or more to reach their love. The process may have been very slow. However, your love would have felt more of an emotional connection with you when she read your heartfelt hand written letter from you than to receive just a short and heartless text message.

When you are corresponding with a woman, please try to write a hand written letter sometimes penned with your beautiful words. And, choose a beautiful and colorful stamp to make her smile. You can also write an email as if it is a hand written letter that will take months to reach her by writing your true, heartfelt emotions in the letter.

Sincere and heartfelt communication is the foundation upon which the whole relationship is built upon. So practicing effective communication is paramount for a healthy, long term relationship. 


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