May 10, 2012

Our Female Members' English Speaking Level is More Excellent than Your Japanese Speaking Level

I was shocked when I had a request from a male member who wanted to meet a Japanese woman with no accent whatsoever. Does such a perfect person exist? Is such perfection really important anyways?

When I was a child in Japan, English education started in the 7th grade in public school. Recently, in order to increase the Japanese public's English speaking level, English education now starts in the 5th grade, and it this will likely become even earlier. Some parents are having their children taught English as early as 3 years or younger. Also, the Japanese government and major companies in Japan are constantly encouraging people to learn English.

However, English is NOT Japanese people's first language. So, expecting a Japanese person to speak perfect English would be expecting a lot. If someone asks me if there is a Japanese woman who can speak perfect English without any accent, I would say, “generally NO”, but “There are always exceptions, and many Japanese women are constantly making an effort to learn English.”

If you are seeking a Japanese wife, you need to understand how hard it is for her to think, read, and write in English as a second language. It is helpful for you to be proud of your Japanese wife's big effort to learn English. Remember, your Japanese wife will surely improve her English speaking and writing level the longer she lives in the US. And I am sure if you are a good and patient listener, your marriage life with a Japanese wife will be successful.

By the way, I have been a matchmaker for more than 12 years. I have rarely met men who speak perfect Japanese language. And I have never met any man with no accent when they spoke in Japanese. We Japanese do understand it is very difficult for non-Japanese people to learn Japanese language. All we ask is for the same understanding.

Learning another language helps to increase your communication level and your understanding of other cultures. If you are seeking a Japanese wife, mutual understanding for each other’s language skill and a desire to learn better language skills are most important.

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