May 19, 2012

Solar Eclipse in Tokyo – around 7:34 am Mon., May 21, 2012 (Check for your local time!)

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In Tokyo, people are eagerly waiting to observe the millennium's first annular solar eclipse in the morning at 7:34 am on Mon., May 21st .

People can also see this spectacular astronomical show in parts of the western US coast during the evening on Sun., May 20th.

I wish I could see it in Japan!!!

Here are the places and times when this Solar Eclipse can be observed in the US. But it might not be that clear to observe since it will be evening time.

  • Redding, California 5/20 18:28:36(PST)
  • Reno Nevada 5/20 18:30:41(PST)
  • St. George, Utah 5/20 19:34:22(MDT )
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico 5/20 19:35:49(MDT )
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico 5/20 19:34:56(MDT )

Some men are waiting for the moment when the moon will appear between the Sun and the earth to say “Will You Marry Me?” to their girlfriends, since the eclipse appears like a marriage ring.

If you are corresponding with a Japanese woman, it would be nice to say,
“I wish I could see it with you!”
It is good to share your feeling. She might share the live broadcast on skype.

The next Solar Eclipse in Japan is on June 1st 2030 in Hokkaido; 18 years from now, and on April 8th 2312 in Tokyo; I am not alive for sure!

Since you may know this is a rare astronomical event in this century, the eclipse is a good opportunity to share how you feel with your loved one. It makes for an unforgettable memory for you and her!

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