May 25, 2012

The Best Gift for Your First Date in JAPAN

Every month, many of our male members visit Japan to meet their love. Sometimes, we are asked what the best gift for her is when he first meets her in JAPAN.

I am glad to hear about this kind of question since I feel that our male members really care about their dates.

Our male members are making great efforts for building up a long distance relationship, and giving a gift is one way of making a good impression when meeting your date in person.

However, the gift for her at your first meeting should not be an expensive item such as jewelry. Since it is the first meeting for you and her, nobody knows how it will be working out.

You might not feel a good chemistry or she might not feel a good chemistry for you. If you give her an expensive ring her, she might feel unnecessary pressure even though she likes you.

If it will not work out after the meeting, the gift itself would be just a waste for you, and it will become an object of which she remembers an uncomfortable situation.

The gift should be something NOT expensive, preferably costing only $10 to $30.

Also, it is a good idea if the gift does NOT remain forever in case the relationship does not continue.

Therefore, I recommend a small box of chocolates or cookies. That's all!

The most important thing to bring to the first date is your honesty and your heart. If you give anything as a gift, it is an additional affirmation for her that you care about her.

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