April 19, 2012

Dating in Tokyo:

My husband and I went on a date in Tokyo and I would like to share with you what we did. We had a good time and I recommend this date to anyone dating in Tokyo. It was a half day tour which included seeing some nature, modern culture, and old culture in Japan.

1. Hamarikyu Gardenhttp://www.tokyo-park.or.jp/english/park/detail_04.html

This historic park is a quiet refuge and oasis in downtown Tokyo. The park is just a 15 minutes’ walk from Shinbashi station. In this former hunting park you can leave the modern hustle bustle behind and enjoy the beautifully sculpted landforms, duck ponds, and large trees and many other plants. For instance, when we visited in March, the fragrant Ume Plum was starting to bloom and there was a large field of bright yellow Rapeseed flowers blooming. A beautiful sight! There are many romantic strolls you and your date can take, or places to relax in this park.

2. Taking a Boat from Hamarikyu to Asakusa.http://www.suijobus.co.jp/cruise/station/hamariq.html

Conveniently, you can hop on a sightseeing boat directly from the park. We went to Asakusa along the Sumida River passing under many beautiful bridges in every color imaginable. If it is in late March or early April, both sides of the river are filled with pink and white cherry blossoms. It is a spectacular scene!

3. Walking from Asakusa Azumabashi to Sky Tree.
After disembarking from the boat we walk to the gleaming new Sky Tree tower. It was an interesting walk through narrow streets. You may want to stop at the iconic Asahi Beer building (the one with the golden swoosh on top) for free beer along the way. However, we did not know that the tower was not open yet (not until May 22nd) and until July 10th there is a lottery system for acquiring tickets. So, it may not be the best time to visit the tower with lots of people wanting to see and visit it. If you want to skip the Sky Tree, it might be a better idea to walk directly from the Asakusa to the Sensoji Temple.

4. Getting a Train from Sky Tree to Asakusa Sensoji Temple.
The station at the Sky Tree was previously named “Narihirabashi Station”. But it was changed to “Sky Tree Station”. Take the subway to the Asakusa Sensoji Temple station. It is an interesting walk to the “lantern temple”. You will pass through many indoor and outdoor vendors selling all kinds of things from foods to sandals at their stalls. The Sensoji Temple is actually a series of buildings, and there is a Tea House. All are really amazing to behold. Don't forget to take photos of you and your date in front of the big lantern at the Sensoji Temple! Look for the large sandals too! It is beautiful to visit here at dusk since many small lanterns are lit up at nightfall, making it more romantic.

5. Eat around Ueno or Okachimachi Station Area. http://www.japan-hotels.ws/tokyo/ueno/dining.htm

There are variety of restaurants which are generally reasonably price around Ueno and Okachimachi station area. If you google “ueno restaurants” you will find a lot of websites of restaurants. Sushi and Yakiniku (Korean BBQ) are popular there. If you are a vegetarian, find the best one from this site. http://vege-navi.jp/?m=t&station_id=26&l=2
This date tour in Tokyo is good in all seasons for all people since there is something for everyone. This is a half day tour in which you will experience both traditional and modern day Tokyo in a couple of hours. You may also take a sightseeing boat to Odaiba instead of Asakusa to see more contemporary spaces in Tokyo. If you have children, going to Ueno zoo from Asakusa is recommended.

My husband and I enjoyed our walking, boating, and subway date tour in Tokyo. You and your date will too!!!

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