May 01, 2012

Professional Photos are The Key to Your Success

We have written about this theme before, however, there are still many clients who do not realize the huge difference having professional photos on their profile will have.

Consider that when you look for real estate, the photos of the properties are one of the most important factors toward deciding whether to look at that property.

Of course, people are not a house, but you may understand that your beautiful and clear photos are the most important tool for showing your attractiveness to our female members. And professionally taken photos will make anyone look great, no matter what your age! There are many clients who received a lot of contact requests as soon as they added professional taken photos to their profile. Therefore, we highly recommend for all of our members to have only professionally taken photos on their profile.

Some of our members ask us.
“Would you recommend a professional photographer?”
And I say
Here are two professional Japanese female photographers who I know provide professional portrait service. One is in TOKYO, and the other is in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, I only know of these two photographers, however, you will find a professional photographer in your local area when you Google or look in the yellow pages. So please find one! Once you have experienced a professional photo shoot, you will feel as if you were a Hollywood star, since professional photographers know how to make you feel like a superstar! I also think professional photos are a great way to keep a valuable history of one’s life.

If you live in TOKYO, Azusa will help you.

If you live in Los Angeles Rieko will help you. 

Please contact them from here

Meet Japan
Personalized Matchmaking Service for Professional Men & Sophisticated Japanese Women

Singles Meetup in Baltimore

Singles Meetup in Los Angeles
Singles Meetup in Tokyo

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