February 11, 2012

Hot Dating Tip: Call Her 2 Hours after Your Date

Here is a hot tip providing insight into what women like from a man. After going on a date with a woman, you will score major points with her if you call her 2 hours after your date. Many women, especially Japanese women, appreciate it when a man shows he cares about her. And, women love attention from a man!

Usually 2 hours after a date a woman is relaxing at home. No matter what she is doing 2 hours later, it is very important that you call her to make sure that she arrives home safely. When calling her, you can show your appreciation for her by saying that you had a wonderful time with her. Feel free to show you care by asking her questions about herself and telling her about yourself when she shows interest.

Calling also lets her know that you have been thinking about her after your date. And, she will feel that she is important to you when you call.
Japanese women almost expect her date to call after their date. This is a way that Japanese women rate their dates and sense how much their dates like them. So please do not forget to do it. Every time you go on a date. If you don’t, you are sending her the message that you don’t care for her. So, if you truly liked her you must call her!
Women are always thinking thoughts like:
- Am I important for this man?
- Is he important to me?
- How much is this man thinking of me?
- How much does this man care about me?
- Will this man protect me if something happens to me?
- Does this man bring me joy and happiness?
Japanese women are especially sensitive about dating. So, if you call her after your date, she will be very happy!

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