January 30, 2012

Why Old Fashioned Communication Methods Are Better Than Modern Digital Communication Methods For Creating Meaningful Relationships

One day, my mother in law said with sorrow,

“No one has called me recently.”

She explained that most of her friends use FACEBOOK now as a communication tool. And, since they communicate via FACEBOOK, they tend not to call each other.

This is an issue for my mother in law since she is not good at using a computer and she doesn't know how to use the Facebook. She feels isolated because she cannot communicate easily and personally with her friends by talking on the phone as she used to do. Everyone is too busy to call!

Actually, FACEBOOK is one of the greatest internet communication tools, since it enables people from any location around the world to communicate easily and cheaply. But quicker and easier communication does not necessarily translate into building meaningful or personal relationships, especially for local friends who live nearby. So, ironically, the more computer technology is developed, the new internet communication paradigm has made it harder in many ways for people to enjoy a social life with real friends.

Like my mother in law, many people are victims of FACEBOOK nowadays, and many people are forgetting the values of direct and personal communication on the phone or face to face which they used to have.

If you are seriously looking for a Japanese wife, I highly recommend the following ways of communication with Japanese women instead of just sending a few digital words instantly. You may feel these methods may be too old fashioned, but these methods offer more effective ways of developing your relationships.

Instead of sending 10 short sentenced digital messages with your computer, it would be 10 times more effective to send one handwritten letter to your love. A personal, handwritten letter shows that you truly care and allows for a more personal message and artwork that she will really treasure and warm her spirit. It may take more than an hour to write and 7 days to reach her but it is well worth the effort.

Also, it is a good idea to select beautifully designed stamps for the person whom you are writing to, and place them on the envelope while thinking of her. She will appreciate the personal touch!

There is a time difference, but you and she can setup a regular time and day to talk on Skype. As you listen to her real voice, you can more easily sense how she really feels from the tone of her voice. That's more valuable than exchanging emails.

If you live in an area close to where she lives, you can see her without a lot of effort. It is nice to chit chat at a cafe and invite her to your house. Most of our members live far apart since she lives in Japan and you live in the US, and you cannot see her very often. I suggest that you make an effort to meet her in person when you are able to visit Japan. And, you can also invite her to visit you in the US. Either way is fine. The important thing is making the effort. Meeting face to face with her is very valuable and it is necessary in building a strong relationship and for creating a “marriage”.

Digital communication tools are just efficient tools that help in many ways, but we must not rely on them solely as some of the old fashioned methods are just as valuable. If you are seriously building your relationship, using old fashioned communication methods may be even more important than modern methods since the old fashioned ways allow one to communicate more personally, thereby creating a more meaningful and closer relationship. And, the old fashioned ways will bring you happiness easier, quicker, and deeper than you might expect.

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