January 18, 2012

If you are looking for a Japanese Wife and a Happy Marriage, Don't Go to Roppongi!

Today, a woman visited our Tokyo office for an interview. She is 35 years old looking for a rich and young Caucasian man with blond hair.

She goes to Roppongi (nightlife center of Tokyo) on the weekends looking for GAIJIN men, which means foreign men in Japanese.

Miyata at MJL's Tokyo office wisely advised her to not search for a man in Roppongi.
He said, GAIJIN MEN in Roppongi are not looking for marriage since Roppongi is the place to play.

She answered:
I know, but there must be a chance to meet a nice GAIJIN guy.

Also, she has brown hair. Miyata advised her that it would be better to revert back to her natural long, black hair since most foreign men prefer traditional Japanese women with long, black hair.

She answered:
I don't think so. It doesn't matter.

Actually, the real issue was not whether she had black or brown hair, rather her attitude was not open to new ideas. She did not want to face to her interviewer, nor listen to him.

She said she tried one of the biggest online dating sites in Japan, and she has met six foreign men before. However, she felt that they were not actually the persons whom she browsed on their profiles. So she canceled her membership. Although there are rich men with blond hair on those kinds of online dating sites, they will eventually figure out that she is a kind of a gold digger when they meet with her in person. That's what Miyata felt.

This interview was “a waste of time”.

Miyata reported that this woman was immature and we cannot accept her as our member. She appears to just be playing. And, I agreed with his decision. MJL accepts only male and female members who meet our membership criteria, thereby ensuring a high quality service for our members.

I think there are many Japanese women like her who go to the Roppongi area to look for GAIJIN guys. However, since Roppongi is one of the places in TOKYO where GAIJIN men gather to play with Japanese women. Both men and women who go to the Roppongi area are generally not looking for a quality relationship, let alone a happy marriage.

Therefore, if you are searching for a happy marriage with a traditional Japanese woman, we do not recommend going to Roppongi. Instead of wasting your time looking for love in the wrong places, spend your time more wisely by using MJL’s marriage introduction service. MJL specializes in forming happy, long term relationships with Japanese women and western men.

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