January 08, 2012

Japanese People Are Honest!

Yesterday, one of our male members from Los Angeles visited Japan to meet with one of MJL’s female members whom he has been corresponding with.

It was his first experience visiting Japan, so he was very excited since everything was new for him.
He was so surprised when he took a taxi to the meeting place from his hotel and he gave the taxi driver a tip, but the driver politely refused his tip.

In Japan, there is no tip custom, so it is not necessary to tip taxi drivers, hotel maids, or waitresses at restaurants.
In Japan, good service is not based on money. Japanese people are taught that customers should be treated as a god. Japanese people are satisfied when customers are satisfied with their service.

You may think the taxi driver should have received a tip if the customer wanted to pay.
How honest Japanese people are!
This story is a good illustration of the Japanese culture’s generous spirit, and I am proud of the taxi driver.

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