January 01, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu

How is your New Year 2012?
Did you go to a New Year’s Eve party?

In Japan, people spend time with their family during the New Year’s Eve and Day like American families do during the thanksgiving holiday in the US. Since I live in the US, it is not easy to go back to Japan every new year, however, I talked with my family on skype today to say AKEMASHITE OMEDETO GOZAIMASU, a New Year greeting for my family.

Skype is convenient, and I feel as if I was with my family! Thank you skype!

Usually, in Japan, food for the New Year holiday is specially prepared by the end of December. The special food for the New Year holiday is called OSECHI, and it is like a big bento box which has multi-layered boxes within it. Also, in Japan, people eat OZOHNI – Soup with pieces of MOCHI, sticky rice cakes.

For the three days from January 1st to 3rd, Japanese people eat OSECH and OZOHNI, so that mom does not have to work but can relax. This is traditional Japanese food culture and I miss OSECHI!

One of MJL’s married couples, who married in 2011, let us know that the wife would make OSECHI for her husband and his family for the New Year 2012. It was NOT easy to find specific ingredients in the US, however, she said she did! I am surprised since she and her family live in Minnesota, and I imagine there are not many Japanese supermarkets there. But she did, and I am proud of her as a Japanese woman because she is introducing a Japanese food culture to her US family.

Anyway, if you find a Japanese wife, you will enjoy Japanese traditional food culture with her, and it makes your life more colorful.

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