June 12, 2011

The Additional Comment to “A Four Days Rule”

"If one of us cannot be reached for more than 4 days, we should understand that it is an emergency and we should just wait for contact from the other person."

But actually, M(she)  and I exchanged emergency numbers--for example, I gave her my best friend's contact information, and she gave me the number at her parents' home, knowing that I could speak to them in Japanese (and I know that she can speak to my friends in English). So if we miss each other for more than four days, we wait *a little longer,* but then at least have the knowledge that we have emergency contact information for each other. Of course, this part (having emergency contact information) might not work for everyone; but at the very least, it provides a sense of relief—M(she) knows that there's someone else she can contact if she really does become worried about me after several days, and we trust each other not to make an emergency call unnecessarily. More likely than not, I know that M(she) will wait to hear from me, and I know I will wait to hear from her. But I think we understand and have faith in each other; some people might feel a little more nervous than we do...!
Anyway, I hope this explains everything. As always, I appreciate any advice you might care to give me. I hope you and your family are doing well.

Take care,

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