February 07, 2011


As previously announced, MJL’s SPEED DATING EVENT in TOKYO will be held on Saturday, MARCH 26th. Many of MJL’s female members have rsvp’d, so the event list for ladies’ will be closed soon. The event list for men is still open, so if you are interested in attending, please signup TODAY since seats are limited.
http://meetamericanmen.blogspot.com/2011/01/326-speed-dating-with-japanese-women-in.html Some of MJL’s male members will be attending from overseas, like England, NY, and SF. MJL will setup individual meetings with Japanese ladies for them while they are staying in JAPAN. Every male attendee receives a tremendous value and unique opportunities to meet with Japanese ladies. And the results are the real proof. Many men and women who have participated in MJL’s meetup events have found the right person or gotten married within a year or two.

At the SPEED DATING EVENT in TOKYO on MARCH 26th, one of MJL’s happy couples will be attending as a special guest. They had a wedding ceremony in Canada last August in 2010. Their baby will be born this summer. Congratulations! Their testimonial is on MJL’s blog.
It was written when they were engaged. If you join our event, you will be able to talk with them, and they are happy to share their happy marriage stories with you. Feel their happiness, and you will receive your own happiness. The husband attended MJL’s meetup event in Tokyo in January 2008. He was single at that time, but he found his special one after the event.

Another special guest is one of MJL’s female members who was just engaged last month. She is now working to obtain her fiancé visa so she can live in the US with her fiancé. She wrote about her experience on MJL’s blog of how hard it is to obtain a fiancé visa.
She is going to move to California soon after the US government provides her with a fiancé visa. Hopefully soon!! She is also happy to share how she is communicating with her fiancé in California. She will share how it has been a challenge to build their long distance relationship, and how it succeeded! If you are also experiencing a long distance relationship, it will be invaluable to talk with her. She attended our meetup event in Baltimore in the summer of 2009 and in Tokyo in January 2010. She is the latest and hottest engaged member.

MJL’s SPEED DATING EVENT is not just a meeting opportunity, but also the chance to talk with MJL’s happy and successful couples. I know some people are skeptical when they see testimonials on a website, since everyone can write anything on the website. However, you will understand more fully that MJL’s amazing testimonials on our website are happening to real people when you attend our event and meet MJL’s members in person. Seeing the truth with your own eyes is most important. You can also trust that MJL’s service really works if you talk with MJL’s members who are engaged and married.

MJL’s staff is excited about everyone attending and we are especially excited about our special guests at our speed dating event on Saturday, March 26th, and wishing this event brings all participants happiness.

Naoko and her husband will also be attending this event from the US, and they are looking forward to meeting with you all!

Here is the signup form for this event.

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