December 04, 2009

They’re engaged!

I received a message from one of our male members who is Canadian, that he got engaged to one of our female members (#F17146) last month!

This is great news! Congratulations to both of you! I am happy for you both!!!

I would like to share his happiness with everyone, so as to encourage all of our male members. You can also be the next happily engaged man if you follow MJL’s recommendations found on our website and you are completely open and honest with us, which helps us better help you.

Here is his message to MJL:

Hello Naoko,

I just wanted to share some happy new with you. Last weekend, J(a woman’s name) and I got engaged! She came to Toyama and I took her out to a nice French restaurant. There I proposed to her and she accepted. I gave her an engagement ring! We had a wonderful evening together going to a cocktail bar and also seeing some live Jazz. We are both extremely happy and plan to have our wedding next summer on August 15th in Vancouver. Maybe you can join us for our celebration! Here are some pictures of our engagement!

Thank you again for introducing Junko to me. I never thought I`d be able to find the lady of my dreams, but now I have! Thank you very much!!!




He attended our Tokyo meetup in 2008, where I met him at our office. Since his smile was impressive, I found him a wonderful woman.

I highly recommend all of our male members to attend our meetups since they are a great opportunity for you to meet our female members in person, and it allows MJL to learn about our male members so that we may better assist you in finding your correct match.

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