February 03, 2011

How to Get to Central Tokyo from Narita Airport

Some of our male members who have never visited Japan are concerned about how to navigate Japan’s transportation system without an English guide and how they are going to reach their hotel from Narita Airport after arrival. I understand their concern since I had a similar experience when I first visited New York City. I felt like Crocodile Dundee, very bewildered, but I appreciated that people in NYC were kind enough to assist me, so I didn’t get lost. Thank you New Yorkers!

On this blog, I would like to give you a little bit of Travel Tips to help people who plan to visit Japan for the first time. First I will write about “How to get to Central Tokyo from Narita Airport

There are several ways to get to central Tokyo in order of preference:

1.      By Limousine Bus - This is the easiest way if your hotel is on one of the bus’s routes since the buses stop at many hotels.
2.      By Train – There are several different routes to get to central Tokyo:

3.      By Taxi - I recommend you to take a taxi from Narita Airport to your hotel as a last resort since it takes the longest, several hours depending on the traffic, it costs more than $300, and you might even get ripped off if you take an illegal taxi. Most taxies are not illegal. It’s best to check before getting in the taxi by looking for a meter and driver id. For these reasons, I do not recommend using a taxi from Narita Airport.

If you are a beginner traveler in Japan, I recommend choosing the Limousine bus from Narita Airport. The limousine bus will take you most likely directly to your hotel, so you won’t get lost with all of your luggage. It only costs about $30, and it takes a short 90 minutes. The limousine bus reservation counter is to the right outside the customs clearance exit at the Narita Airport. You will see the color orange. The buses departs at least every 30 minutes, so you just tell the person at the counter your hotel name and they will reserve a seat for you. Of course, they will speak English. You can purchase the ticket by credit card. By the way, you can exchange money in the airport or at your hotel, but we recommend that you exchange your money at the banks in Tokyo instead. There are thousands of banks in Tokyo and the exchange rates at the banks are better than at the airport.

I hope this information assists you as you travel to Japan to meet our Japanese ladies. Also, we are always happy to assist our members during their stay in Japan. For assistance, please call Miyata at 03-3401-6619.

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