February 15, 2007

Happy Valentine!

Did you have a nice time on Valentine’s Day?In Japan, the Valentine’s Day is the day for men. It is the day when women show men their feelings with chocolate.

Women go shopping to buy gifts, and usually they buy chocolate for Valentine’s Day. I don’t know who decided this practice, but men are just waiting to be given chocolate. How many chocolate you have received is important for men. Every year, it is reported how many trucks of chocolate and gifts young pop musicians or movie stars have gotten from their female fans, and it is a kind of the status symbol rating their popularity. It also means that it is a lonely day for single men without any girlfriends.

While at work, ladies are supposed to deliver chocolate as a ritual. This is important for ladies to keep their position in their office. Usually, this kind of chocolate is cheap which is about 300 yen to 500 yen. Although it is cheap, it is better than nothing. Because of just cheap ritual chocolate make the atmosphere in the office harmonious. If you got expensive chocolate from your co worker, she must like you. To be liked from your co worker or not depends on the price of the chocolate you have gotten.

In Japan, there is White Day one month after the Valentine’s Day. (March 14th) This is the day for women. Men who have received chocolate on Valentine’s Day are supposed to give women gifts in return. Usually, it is supposed to be more expensive than the chocolate women gave. So, many men go to look for the “equid pro quo gifts” in the Louis Vuitton shops, Chanel shops, and other jewelry shops before the White Day. Those events are tricky and well-organized scheme for both women and the shops.
I was tired of taking part in such kind of commercialized and superficial annual rituals.

I was glad to learn that Valentine’s Day in the US is practiced differently than in Japan. It is for both men and women in the US. Is it true?My husband and I don’t believe in following rituals, so we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. It was just anther day, but everyday is special for us.Especially, we are together everyday, and I am happy with him.

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