February 13, 2007

Fresh Start

I haven’t written My Blog for a long time.

Let me excuse why I couldn’t write. It is because of the following reasons.

1) It takes so much time to complete one article with my Japanese English.
2) Then, my friends or husband have to become a victim for helping to correct my strange sentences. I appreciate it, but they look exhausted.
3) And then, I revise it again and again with English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionary.

It takes tame a lot. As most of Japanese do, I pursue the way of perfect writing. Because of that I got tired of trying to write my Blog recently.

But I understood that it was NOT a good idea to learn Language when I met Anjero.

Last week, I met Anjero at the Japanese Culture Meet Up in Baltimore.
He is originally Brazilian, but he can speak English and Japanese. Both English and Japanese are not primary language for him, but he speaks fluently. Of course his Japanese is not perfect, but excellent. I understood what he said in Japanese because I felt his passion and soul in his words. He taught everyone Japanese songs, which I don’t know, and it was great! I appreciate to know there are people who learn Japanese and Japanese culture in the US.

Meeting with Anjero encouraged me to start my BLOG again.
Thank you very much.
I will try without shame of making mistakes.
I learned that it is not necessary to be perfect.
So, I just try to write in English with my joy and passion.

If you find any of my mistakes or strange phrases, please give me your hand.
If you give me better phrases, It helps me to accumulate wonderful communicate skills.
Thank you!


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