October 31, 2006

Getting Married!

Getting Married!
Finally, I got married in October 5th.
As everyone around me says “Finally…..”
half of me had almost given up on the idea of getting married since
I am 38 years old.
In Japan, the age of 38 is obviously called “After Christmas Cake Age” (women over 26 years old), and no many Japanese men are interested in the ladies in this age category.
I wrote about “Christmas Cake”:

Well, I am so grateful that one of hundreds of millions men on earth has found me and chose me as a lifelong partner, or he is lucky because I could find and choose him from hundreds of millions of men.

When I was a single, I wondered and always asked the happy couples when and how they feel it is true love, and what really made them commit to marriage.

One of the happy couples said,
“It comes automatically.”
I agree.
If it is true love, you don’t have to think too much about it.
I believe in my instinct.

When I first met my husband,
I felt like I had been known him since I was a child.
Each moment I was with him was filled with plenty of happiness.

There was no awkwardness in the relationship.
I felt comfortable with him, and he felt comfortable with me, too.

I decided to be with him because I believed he is the man who will give me happiness.

And of course, He is my ideal man whom I had been dreaming of.
About my Ideal man is here...

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