June 25, 2005

Ideal Future Spouse

My ideals for future husband are not too high.
It might be strange but he should feel comfortable enough to break wind in front of me, and he should accept me to break wind in front of him. As he should be the closest person in the world,

I should feel natural and safe and comfortable with him any time.
He should be passionate about me.
He should protect me at all times.

Usually, when a man member chooses a lady, he takes a look at her picture.

Of course, everyone has some standards for how the partner should look.
Since we interview each lady, I know many good ladies who have good personalities but they don't correspond with any man. Unfortunately, the profile pictures can not express her personality at all. So, men are more likely to choose the lady who is photogenic. That's certainly the case with women's side, also..

We have a proverb in Japan, that says "You will be getting bored with a beautiful wife in three days but you will be getting used to an ugly wife in three days."

Our ladies members are all charming, so please start to talking with them more, and try exploring to find their attractiveness and inner beauty.

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