June 19, 2005

F~ckn' Something

My English teacher always says "watch American TV andmovies." To learn the second language, you shouldexperience the real daily conversations in life. Sorecently, I tried watching DVD's instead of studyingwith boring text books. I learned the words like"F~ckn' something!" a lot in the movies I watched. Why do they say "F~ck' something!, F~cking something,F~ckin' something"??? As I listen to this word veryoften, I can guess that this phrase means somethingdirty. What I can not understand is how dirty or inwhat situation they are able it say and in whatsituation they must not. Likewise, I have alreadylearned words and phrases, but the importance is toknow how to use in daily life in the correctsituations. I have a Japanese friend, living inAmerica, whose family name is GOFUKU. This is anordinary Japanese name, but he usually hides hisfamily name and uses "David" in America. His daughterused to be teased when she was in school because ofthe family name. I told another American friend aboutthis then he says that he has a Japanese friend whosefamily name is MIFUKU. Incidentally, "FUKU" means"The Clothes" in Japanese, and GOFUKU means KIMONO. MIFUKU is a special KIMONO dress for royalty

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