February 21, 2007

Long and Black Hair

“Why do you wish to meet a Japanese lady?”

I usually ask men who want to meet Japanese ladies.
Most of them answer that they like Japanese ladies
because Japanese ladies have long and black hair which is beautiful.
I think most American men’s image of Japanese ladies is very traditional.
They might dream Yoko Ono or a princess in Heian period (794 to 1185)

Yes, we all have black hair originally, but Japanese ladies try to have their hair dyed in Brown or light brown. Some ladies even dye their hair blonde or have their hair dread locked which some consider cool and stylish! When I was in University in Tokyo, not many girlfriends around me have long and black hair. It is sarcasm, but Japanese ladies dream Western culture.

Men I met in the US always told me not to have my hair cut short.So does my husband.


My husband says,
“Long and black hair is beautiful.”

“OK, I keep my hair long”
How devoted Japanese wife is!

Since I do not want to break American men’s dream, I obey their opinion.I advise our female members to keep their black hair long and never have it dyed.

By the way, I am a little concerned about several white hairs I have in my hair.Should I dye them black?

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