December 18, 2005

Busy Busy Busy?

Everybody says,
"Because I am busy."
I don't like this typical excuse, and I don't want you to say this phrase easily
to the lady with whom you are corresponding, if seriously want to create a good relationship with her.

I am often asked by our lady members, who are exchanging email with men,
"He doesn't reply very often. Why?"
I don't know because I am not him, but I am supposed to answer her,
"Perhaps, he might be busy." Though, he might have the different reason.

A young lady started exchanging email with a man in NY. He was an attorney. As hewas a professional business man, it was true that he was very busy to exchange email very often.
But it was also true that he became a member of our service,because he was searching for someone to share a wonderful time with and hoped to make a difference in his BUSY life.

It was a nice beginning that both he and she enjoyed corresponding with through email.
Good conversation should be like a playing tennis. The ball should come and go continuously.
They got to know each other little by little, and their communication stance seemed trouble free. However, in the meantime, he gradually delayed the reply to her: he eventually was writing her only once every three weeks. Whenever he wrote to her, he always added the excuse,
"I am sorry, but I am busy."
Even though his behavior changed little bit colder, she expected to hear from him and kept friendly. She said,
"I can be patient because I understand he is busy, but if he isnot interested in me, I would like him to tell me so."
I asked him what happened, but he didn't think he was doing anything wrong.
He said,
"I am going to Japan tomeet her, in person, after finishing this project.Yes, I am positive."

Waiting for unanswered email fora long time must have been tough, but I was observing their relationship for a while. However, corresponding by email once every three weeks is not enough to create a good relationship. She gave up on him and decided to cancel her membership completely.
Actually, I don't know the meaning of his "I am busy." I am not sure if he really wanted to meet her, or he was really busy.

I know a lot of busy people.
For some people, "I am busy, SO I try to make time for something wonderful.",
but for some people, "I ambusy, SO I can not make time for something wonderful."
"YOU CAN" or "YOU CAN 'T", the reason is the same for both types of people.

It would rather be better to chose life with the person who can think positively. As a matter of fact, are there so many people who are busier than the US president? God gives each of us 24hours equally. Even though you are very busy, you have time to eat, you have time to go to the restroom, and your have time to sleep. I wondered if the attorney member could have just a five minutes talk a day with her. Perhaps, his sense of value for love life was totally different from hers.

As your New Year Resolution, I would suggest to all members,

"Less Busy, More Love!"

I hope your life in 2006 is going to be colorful!

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