January 08, 2006

New Year Resolution in 2006

Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu!
Happy New Year!
I spent a wonderful New Year holiday in Las Vegas, mysecond home town. I went to movies, shows, buffets,and Zion National Park with my friend, during the holidays. Actually, I got fat because I ate so much!

I don't know why, but no matter where I am in a noisy crowded road in Las Vegas or in a vast backdrop ofnature, I feel I am alone. However, I am sure I feel something different from the moment when I was inTokyo even though it is the same situation as I am alone now. I feel more confident, I feel more independent, and I feel more energetic because I can make sure that I came to the USA to make my dreams come true.

"What will you do differently in 2006?"
I was asked a New Years resolution.
My friend said,
"Iam going on a diet this year"
while eating a big cup of ice cream.
"Maybe I will start next week."

Everything I experience everyday in America is very exciting for me, so I would like to experience something fun more and more. I would like to meet new people, learn more about America, and share a good time with them. This is my New Years Resolution.

During holidays, I watched "Sex and the City."
Usually, I do not watch it because I have thought that it is a silly TV program, but I was just curious about the American way of love life. I learned American ladies try as many man as they possible. They continue trying the next love even if they fail. They never give up trying to find true love. How tough they are!

If I am in America for a long time, will I be able to become like an American lady?
No, no, no.
As I am a traditional Japanese lady, I would like to keep "YAMATONADESHIKO soul" with me for good.
I think I have to be much stronger like Americanladies.
I add this as my New Years Resolution!

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