November 24, 2005


Another male member responded to his message. (Thank you!) I would also like to share that.

Konnichiwa Matsumoto-san,
I read the letter from the east coast male member, onyour female side blog. I agree with him 100%!!! It's absolutely amazing that one can write with one's heart and soul for weeks and weeks, and when the in-person meeting happens, and there is no connection, it's like you are two strangers with no intention of evermeeting, chatting, whatever, ever again.
It's very interesting to read that others have had the same experiences.

Both men and women are searching for the right person. Some people say it is easy, but some people say it is NOT easy. Since I am single, I don't know how I will when I find my soul mate. I don't even know what the judgment point is when I am sure he is really MY man.

"We are engaged"
I got the good news from two couples at the end of October. In both cases, they made quite quick decisions to achieve their goals. (Both couples met in early 2005.) I always ask our married female members.
"What made you decide to marry him?"
It is interesting, but all of them answered the same thing.

It means that when she feels it might be true love, all things are going smoothly without trouble. It looks as if it is a magic. I can imagine it, but unfortunately, I have never had such a wonderful feeling with that special man yet. I enjoy supporting someone else in making miracles, at the same time, like many men and women, I dream of meeting that fateful man.

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