October 12, 2005

Real American Food?

Mariko, who has a son from her ex-husband, remarriedto a Japanese American in Hawaii. Wednesday, she visited me, in Los Angeles, with her husband and son. They were so excited because they were coming from Hawaii to the MAINLAND as a MECCA. For me, however, Hawaii is the special place! They planned playing at Disneyland, shopping at TARGET, and eating at REDROBIN. Disneyland, TARGET, and RED ROBIN are not in Hawaii, so they can not miss it. Before they traveled, I asked Mariko what she wanted to eat for dinner.
She answered "RED ROBIN!" http://www.redrobin.com/flash.html
I said "Eeehhhhh!! Are you sure? "
In Los Angeles, there are various kinds of fancy restaurants serving Japanese food, Thai food, Indianfood, Korean food, Vietnamese food, Italian food and others. So, I thought eating at RED ROBIN does not sound very exciting.
She said "Yes! There is no RED ROBIN in Hawaii, so we love to go and eat RED ROBIN hamburgers!"
I said "OK, whatever you like!"
We decided to visit RED ROBIN for dinner.
Come to think of it, I have never experienced eating real Americanfood. Whenever I eat out, my American friend never takes me to American food restaurants, so I don't know what American food is, actually. It was a good chance to experience American food. She ordered a mushroom hamburger with French fries for her husband and me, a dish of macaroni and cheese for her son, and a blue cheese hamburger for herself. Drinks were, of course, Coke. But I ordered iced tea instead . Whenever I see American people eating sushi with Coke, I think it is mismatch: a cup of hot, green tea must be the best with sushi! Likewise, I think Coke must be the best match with American food; however, I can not drink Coke, because my mother prohibited drinking Coke when I was a child. My mother always told me Coke melts your bones. Is it true?
Anyway, the hamburger was very big and juicy. The French fries were thick.
"WOW! It is a real American food, isn't it?"
I am glad that I could experience it. I enjoyed sharing time with Mariko's family. Some extra good news is that they are going to have a baby next year. I am happy because sometimes happy couples come to visit and share their happiness with me.
So, I am proud of my job!


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