September 21, 2005

The life with a Dog II

After writing about dogs, some readers shared their opinions. "Yes, it is true, dogs are innocent and dogs never betray you." I think everybody wants to be loved as dogs love you, because it is true love. You might find the comparison unusual, but sometimes a lady wants you to love her more than you love your dogs and cats.
One of lady members visited her man, whom she met through our service after six months corresponding and meeting in Japan. She wanted to experience more time with him, so she quit her job and planned to stay with him for about four weeks. I think living together as a trial is a good opportunity to learn more about each other before getting married, even though it is just a short time.
After she returned to Japan, I asked her how she liked it. She told me her story about staying with him. Sharing time together, she discovered his living style that she had never known. She learned such things as habits, favorite things, disliked things and many other things because she could see him from the different point of view in daily life. She felt more affection when she knew he took care of his dogs and cats with fondness. She was sure that he would love her as he cared for his pets. However, she was surprised that he put the human dishes and pet dishes into the dish washer together and he put her panties into the washing machine with the pet's dirty fabrics. He had never thought twice to do it because dogs and cats were more than a family for him. Although she had never lived with dogs and cats in her house in Japan, it was an incredible experience for her. She said to herself that she didn't want him to do it....
I am not sure if it was the reason, but they didn't choose to get married, finally.
I would say to all of pet loving men: ask a lady if her panties could be washed with pet's belongings, before putting them into the washing machine. This is what I learned from her story.


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