September 05, 2005

The Life with a Dog

My dog, GIZMO, always welcome me with innocent eyes. When I feel lonely, he heals me, he hugs me, and heal ways kisses me. Though he can not speak English, and I can not speak English very well, we get along without any words. I am very happy that I can live with a dog.

When I lived in Tokyo, I never thought I could have a dog at home. My Shinjuku apartment was too tiny for any pets. It was about 30 square meters (I can not count with feet), but still the rent was about 1000 dollars a month. I only got sunshine a few moment before noon, because the sun then hides behind the tall buildings. I missed the sunshine everyday. There were a small kitchen, a bathroom and some cabinets which can satisfy a single person's simple lifestyle. As I left home early in the morning and got back late at night, the room was only a place for sleeping. Feeling oppressed, I didn't usually close the door when I used bathroom. I didn't care because nobody, except me, was there. The bed could be changed to a sofa when a guest visited. However, I could not invite guests home very often. Everything was compact, so I could complete my daily chores without over urdening myself, in the room. I knew I could not have a dog in Tokyo because of the bad living environment. However, I have been dreaming of the life with a dog for a long time.

After coming to the USA, I saw many families living with pets. Both the people and their pets look happy, because there is the satisfaction of love within a family. GIZMO and I have lived together, since I moved to Los Angeles, and I really enjoy playing with GIZMO. The more I give him love, the more he answers me with love. Animals never betray their people, so I can trust him. I really like life with a dog now in LA.


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