August 17, 2005

What America Gives Me

Is America a better place for me to live than mynative land? When asked, I strongly agreed. One of my reasons is that America gives everyone many chances without distinctions for age or gender. Additionally, people can try whatever they wish. American people trust their own ability, and the people around them also trust them and support them if they have ambitions. It must be from the frontier spirit. I like this American challenge spirit.
In Japan, it might be uncomfortable to be at work if you are a single woman over age 30. She can not be elevated to a betterposition even though she is more experienced than her male colleagues. There is absolutely discrimination between men and women, and young and old. When I first saw a woman over 60 working at WAL-MART, I was very encouraged. She looked very energetic for her age.

For me, it was also uncomfortable at home with my family. They always asked me if I have a boyfriend, when I would get married, and when they could see their grand children.This was not only with my close family, but also my extended family. When I found that my parents were secretly planning to have me to meet a single man for an arranged marriage, I felt big pressure. They are not concerned about my feelings, they are concerned about the public image. In Japan, at home and work,there was no place I could relax. So I came to America to find my comfortable place.

Another reasonis that America gives me whatever opportunity I wish. When I try to do something new in America, people around me always encourage me to challenge it with the words "YOU CAN TRY.", "YOU CAN DO IT." Compare this to, when I try to do something new in Japan, people around me always share negative remarks like "It is too difficult to do it.", "You are too old.", "You should reconsider." I believe I am a unique person. I want to try something different from anyone. But in Japan, you should be average, you should be conservative and you should keep the rules which were defined by old people. To be unique means to be crazy.The people in young generations try to change the Japanese society, though it is still too difficult. It is necessary for Japan to improve with new methods which the young have to be capable in global competition.

Accordingly, I have been feeling very comfortable since I came to America. America gives me a lot of opportunities. I am trying to create my new life with encouragement from many American people. So,America is better for me than Japan.


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